U3 Visit Tamworth Castle

The U3rds have recently visited Tamworth Castle to learn more about medieval life and warfare. We took part in two workshops during which we had the chance to try on medieval clothes and hold some very scary looking medieval weapons. Max and Connie got dressed up as medieval soldiers complete with armour, helmets and swords. Connie’s heavy suit of armour was very uncomfortable and gave us a good insight into the discomfort of being a medieval soldier, while the weapons showed us how dangerous it must have been. Next we were able to try on the types of clothes that different members of medieval society would have worn. The girls were particularly impressed by the long dresses and fancy hats, although the boys were less keen on the medieval men’s headgear, particularly the enormous green hood that Joe had to wear. After a packed lunch eaten in the great hall and a visit to the shop, during which many purchases of wooden swords and bow and arrow sets were made, we set off on a tour round the castle. We were able to see what life was like in the castle and had the opportunity to handle many interesting artefacts.