Seniors reach Quarter Finals of Robotics Competition

A team of skilled Highclare pupils has competed against 7 other schools from the Midlands in a robotics challenge.  Over the last few months pupils in U3 through to L5 have given up their lunchtimes and attended after school sessions to educate themselves on the complexities of designing, building, programming and operating a robot from scratch.  The day started very well as new Roboteer Ritchie S completed the finishing touches to Highclare’s second Robot.  The Nerd Herd team had been working on the school’s main robot since September and were confident with the driving skills of James S.  The day got off to a fantastic start and Nerd Herd won its first 5 battles and held onto first place for much of the morning.  Hashir then took centre stage by being the first contestant to achieve an autonomous robot sequence using his newly found C+ programming skills.  The leadership skills of Bethany K and Ellie S brought the team together throughout the day.   Highclare’s robots battled valiantly and reached the quarter finals losing to the ultimate regional winners from Nottingham High School.  Well done also to Harry E, Anna A & Joshua N for their contribution to an excellent day.