L4 Visit Tutbury Castle

On a cold day in January the L4th went to Tutbury Castle. When we arrived there was still snow on the ground and the old ruined castle which is on top of a hill looked spectacular, especially with two donkeys grazing near the entrance. We entered the nearby church first of all and there we saw Queen Elizabeth I sat on a throne by the church altar. She looked just like a statue and at first some of us were a bit scared of her, but we were soon fascinated by what she had to tell us. She told us all about her life and the people she had known –including her father Henry VIII and her mother Anne Boleyn. She let us ask lots of questions and gave old fashioned quill pens to Emily and Safiya who particularly impressed her with their answers. She let us take lots of photos of ourselves posing with her afterwards and let us touch her amazing dress which weighed over 4 stone! She came to see us again after lunch (without her Elizabethan dress and make up this time) to show us her adorable husky puppy. After lunch we were able to explore the castle and run around as we had the place to ourselves as it was closed to the public. We all thoroughly enjoyed climbing around the embankments of the castle and running down the snowy slopes. Lots of fun was had as we watched each other falling and getting very muddy.  James entertained us by posed while going down a hill, Harry wore a really silly hat, and Hashir (and many others) ran into each other on the snowy hills. We boarded the school buses wet, muddy and having had a really good day out.

Harry, Hashir and Tiffany