While the Cat’s Away!

U5 girls were sneaked into the Sixth Form area, taking advantage of Sixth Formers having a two day independent study period away from school.  In groups of 4 or 5, pupils took part in activities preparing them for careers and choices for post 16 studies. Highclare Sixth Form has the advantage of small class sizes and this was a perfect opportunity for pupils to work in the study rooms where most ‘A’ level lessons take place. Head of Sixth Form Mrs Embury and Upper Sixth tutor Dr Edwards were helped by staff as part of a much bigger careers program of helpful advice and guidance. Upper Fifth pupils raised constructive questions;  many of which will be answered over the next few weeks when Mrs Embury will be visiting  PHSE lessons to help with their research as well as organising an information evening for parents.  After a short de-briefing session while lunch was eaten in the Sixth Form common room, pupils were free to go about their normal business, hopefully, a little more enlightened for their experience in the Sixth Form.