Memorial for Chanel-Lee Easy

On 22nd May, Chanel Lee’s parents, family and friends joined Mrs Viles, Mrs Moore and other members of staff at a birthday remembrance service held in the Abbey grounds.
The day was made even more special because it was also the day that the ‘Chanel Lee Smile Foundation’ was officially launched. From now on, the ‘Yellow Smile Day’ will take place annually on Chanel’s birthday, the 22nd May, and the senior school will be honouring Chanel Lee on Yellow Smile Day 2013 by holding a non-uniform day with a yellow theme, with all proceeds going to her Charity.  The aim of the Charity is to “focus on the promotion of local talent and creativity in local schools and in the community. The foundation will look at building awareness on how arts can be used to develop confidence and self-esteem…and to shape the profile of arts across the West Midlands and raise its awareness as part of the political agenda.”
On the day, Mrs Viles welcomed family and friends to celebrate Chanel Lee’s short but beautiful life and this was followed by poems and readings delivered by Mrs Murray and the release of 17 yellow balloons to commemorate what would have been her 17th birthday. 
Chanel Lee loved Highclare which was made clear in  her ‘Class of 2011’ yearbook entry which reads ‘People say that a school is the actual building, but for me a school is the people,  the children and the teachers who bring hope, love and fun into the school.  Therefore I want to personally thank the school once again for making my years at Highclare special and for making me into who I am today (hopefully a good girl that you will never forget)’. 

We can safely say that you will never be forgotten Chanel Lee – rest in peace.