A Review by Abbie:

Recently, the Abbey and Woodfield Junior  school have been working regularly on their production, ‘Pirates’.  Each student counted, with a part or forming the chorus, and have tried their hardest to put on an exceptionally sensational and remarkable performance with lots of humour.

There weren’t really any main characters.  However, most were wonderfully brilliant and displayed their  emotions through well projected voices that filled the audience’s ears, making them feel more eager to come to another musical by Highclare Junior School.

This production was, indeed a musical!  Alongside impressive songs and sounds, we were able to appreciate the singing of the onstage actors and the chorus upon the grey stage blocks, as their voices filled the entire gym.

It was made out of a variety of characters, each with a different personality.  They

included the Periwinkle family, Redbeard and the pirates, Cod and Hornhonker with the sailors of the Crunchy Frog and Lumbago’s natives including the ruthless and pitiless Chief Wonga.

In conclusion, ‘Pirates’ was a comical and pleasing performance that was continuously heartfelt by the audience.

We can’t wait for the Highclare Abbey and Woodfield Juniors’ next show!

To everyone who helped us to put on our production of ‘Pirates’, from the make-up artist mums to the parents who helped with costumes.  Thank you very much!