Our Year 7 Historians

As part of their History course our Year 7 historians have been finding out some interesting facts about the history of Sutton Coldfield, a town full of surprises!

They have spent an afternoon in the town centre to look at places of historical interest, some of which would normally not get a second glance!  They were then lucky enough to have  a visit from local historian Roger Lea who gave a very informative talk about Bishop Vesey and his importance to the town of Sutton Coldfield and his time as Chaplain to King Henry VIII.   Mr Lea was kind enough to answer the many questions the girls had for him and described his story in lots of detail.

This will now help everyone in Year 7 to complete the end of year task on this topic which is to produce a brochure advertising the history of Sutton Coldfield.  Mr. Lea has kindly agreed to judge the task at the end of term.

Holy Trinity Parish Church was one of the first places of Historical interest to be investigated by the Year 7 team.