Highclare Tennis Exhibition

On Thursday 3rd November one of the school enrichment groups organised a Tennis exhibition to help raise money for our chosen school charity. The exhibition was between Emily Smith and Tennis Coach Louisa from Sutton Coldfield Tennis Club.  Over a hundred tickets were sold by the pupils in the group: James, Danny, Thomas, Maria, Berlinda, Sehj and Saphia to both seniors and juniors in the school.   Everyone who went to the game enjoyed it as there were lots of hits and points being scored.

Before the game, while Emily and Louisa were warming up, the audience started to pour in trying to get a good view and some people wanted to buy tickets on the door. They were lucky because we did have some left over so they did get in and were able to watch the match in the end.  At the start of the game Emily was the first to score a point but Louisa didn’t give up that easily and carried on strong although the score was 15-0.  Then Emily scored again making it 30-0. However, Louisa soon came back with a hit which made the score 30-15 and the crowd were applauding at every point.  Emily soon made 40-15 and then with another astonishing hit to end the match of the school year. Louisa was a good challenge for Emily but being No.1 in her age group is a fantastic achievement and Louisa just narrowly missed out on a victory.

The exhibition raised a reasonable amount of money for our chosen charity but it will all add up to make a big cheque for our charity!  We even raised extra money selling popcorn and drinks at the game!

The match was a huge success and we can now donate money to help the charity to go the extra mile.

By reporter James Southwick