British Science Festival

Children at Highclare School, St Paul's have enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Think Tank as part of their Science curriuculum

Joe enjoyed his trip and has written his own report  ……………..

We went to the think tank on Wednesday 15th September. First of all we went to see a scientist talk about the earth and he showed us lot's of experiments like rubbing a balloon against a tea towel and sticking it onto the wall. He also showed us how to make a tip of a rocket. He told us lots of jokes and he told us never stand under a tree when it is a thunder storm!

Then we went to a different room and the man told us that he thinks that David Beckham is a scientific genius because he put England in the 2006 World Cup. He showed us all that Beckham did score that free kick! After that we had lunch; I had a ham sandwich and some orange juice, an apple, cake and crisps. We went to the planetarium where we learnt all the planets and we learnt that the North Star is the brightest star in the sky then we controlled a robot and we made it do funny stuff.

Joe  J4P