Values and Ethos

Highclare School is committed to individual excellence for each pupil. Our philosophy is based on dedication to providing an all round education and encouraging individual talents, be it academic excellence, sporting prowess, musical, dramatic or artistic talents. We hope to provide a school where pupils can be happy and therefore thrive.

We share responsibility with pupils and parents to support and develop each pupil’s self confidence and self esteem. We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s education and discuss their concerns with us.

Charitable endeavour, working in partnership, and sharing our facilities with the local community contributes to the diversity of pupil and staff experience, reduces barriers, generates goodwill, and helps us all to become socially responsible citizens.

We value each pupil as an individual. Although we are a broadly Christian school, we are non-denominational and welcome pupils from all faiths and none. We foster a good relationship with parents, so that in partnership we can achieve our aims.

Highclare School Objectives

  • To provide high quality teaching and to encourage independent learning and individual excellence within a secure and happy environment.
  • To motivate each learner to achieve his / her full all-round potential.
  • To develop the value of self-respect and self-discipline, alongside tolerance and respect for others and the environment.

Through our commitment to individual excellence for each pupil, together with an holistic philosophy that underpins an all-round education, we aim to provide a place of learning where all pupils thrive because they are happy. We are able to do this because we provide an independent education that offers:

  • Excellent pastoral care throughout
  • The benefit of superb teaching
  • Classes delivered in small sizes
  • A strong extra and co-curriculum
  • A co-educational education at every stage (Two to 18 years)

Meeting Individual Needs

Highclare offers small teaching groups with supportive, experienced staff who work closely with individual pupils and provide extra help where necessary. Class work is structured to enable each child to achieve at his or her own level within a well-balanced curriculum, which is available to every pupil.


Highclare provides a continuous education for boys and girls from Two to 18 years. The Highclare service includes caring for your child, with extended day facilities (TOPS Scheme) from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm term time.

The School Council listens to the needs and views of pupils, valuing the contribution of individuals.

Health care is carried out by the School Nurse who caters for the health needs of all pupils, carrying out regular reviews and immunization programmes.

Pastoral Support

Highclare operates a unique system in the senior school with each pupil having their own personal tutor, who remains with them throughout their life at the school, arranging regular individual meetings and overseeing pastoral care.

Personal, Health, Citizenship and Social Education is included in the curriculum and gives pupils opportunities to explore ideas, or express views on a wide range of topics. Staff work with individual pupils to build self-confidence that then reflects in other areas of school life.

Ethnic and Religious

Highclare School has a broad Christian ethos but is non-denominational, and welcomes pupils of all faiths and none. Highclare celebrates a range of religious festivals throughout the school and holds regular assemblies, which also provide opportunities to recognise individual achievements in sport, music, and other extra-curricular activities.

There is a balanced Religious Education syllabus, including visits for pupils of all ages, giving them the opportunity to experience different religions and beliefs.


Highclare provides high quality teaching and encourages independent learning. This is evident in the excellent examination results achieved by individuals at 11+, GCSE, and A-level.

Our dedicated, committed staff are all qualified in their subject specialities and support every pupil to achieve his or her own level of excellence. The pupils really do achieve individual excellence.

At Junior and Senior levels, our style of education enables both boys and girls to thrive and develop into confident individuals. In this way, Highclare pupils are equipped for life-long learning from an early age. Highclare follows the latest OFSTED guidelines relating to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Highclare is regularly inspected by the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) which is the body approved by the Secretary of State for Education and Skills for the purpose of inspecting independent schools.

Pupil Participation

With its approach to personalised learning, Highclare School ensures that learning methods are varied to suit the needs of individual pupils.

Pupils are encouraged to participate in a wide range of Enrichment activities outside the classroom, including:

    • Music
    • Drama
    • Sport
    • Clubs: Spanish, Reading, ICT, Ignite (RE), Debating, Gardening
    • Activity Weekends
    • A wide variety of trips and visits
    • Visitors who are regularly invited to run activities, such as drama workshops, career guidance, and music workshops

Individual Development

All pupils are seen as individuals and are valued as such.

It is a key school aim to motivate each pupil to achieve his or her potential. This is true not only in the classroom, but beyond, and reinforced by the Highclare pastoral system.

Pupils in L4 (Year 8) are able to attend PGL weekends which include a variety of outdoor activities that build self-confidence and encourage teamwork. Younger pupils are given the opportunity in J6 (Year 6) to attend a similar residential weekend.

Sixth Form pupils are able to take part in Business Enterprise and Leadership skills based trips, which are often held at various outdoor centres and provide a range of activities and new experiences that develop the individual.

Leadership opportunities are given at all levels with Junior, Senior and Sixth form pupils being given responsibilities as Prefects, Junior Prefects, House Captains, Form Captains and School Council representatives.

All pupils in the U5 (Year 11) are required to undertake Work Experience for two weeks, which is often their first taste of the working environment.

Within the Junior and Senior Schools, pupils provide a volunteer resource to a number of institutions in the local area, such as helping with reading in a special school and visiting residential homes and nursing homes. Charitable fundraising is also carried out on a regular basis and pupils are encouraged to be proactive in their organisation of these events.

We encourage pupils to take part in as wide a variety of extra-curricular activities as possible, knowing that such activities enrich their lives and develop self-confidence.

Life Skills

Highclare pupils are well equipped for life beyond school. The personal attention and encouragement they receive, in combination with the personal skills they acquire, produce confident and articulate individuals. They are good team players and well prepared for the challenges of adult life.

The school provides well-developed career guidance, including aptitude assessments, so that Senior pupils have a clear idea of their forward plan.

School Standards and Expectations

Highclare has high standards with respect to dress and personal grooming. Each child is expected to wear his or her uniform with pride and be a worthy ambassador for the school. Regular uniform checks are carried out to ensure that standards are maintained. The aim of the school is to show tolerance and consideration for others and this underpins the whole school philosophy and is clearly evident among the whole school community. Each individual is expected to show self-discipline and good behaviour is rewarded. Highclare pupils learn to respect others, work in teams, and celebrate the success of all individuals when they achieve their own excellence, which supports the development of life-long friendships.

Highclare in the Community

The pupils, parents and staff at Highclare School participate in many varied activities as part of community and charitable links for both local and national charities. Activities include singing with the school choirs, especially around Christmas time, bag packing in local supermarkets, bring-and-buy sales, cake sales and sponsored events. Highclare always aims to ‘get involved’. Our community responsibility also extends further afield with support to projects in developing countries, such as the African Space Trust, which works to support African communities and conservation initiatives.