Sixth Form

Highclare Senior School provides an open access sixth form for girls and boys. They are offered an academically demanding but supportive environment catering for the needs of each student in order to Achieve Individual Excellence. This, combined with personal development, guarantees progression to Higher Education for the majority of Highclare’s students.

All students will be given an IPad for their own use, an initiative embraced by students and teachers because of the impact it has had on making lessons more time efficient and engaging.

Students have the choice of over 22 subjects for A level study with the majority of students taking 3 or 4 ‘AS’ subjects in Lower 6th and pursue 3 of these to ‘A’ level in Upper 6th with the additional option of further enrichment such as the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

One of the strengths of Highclare Sixth Form is its flexibility.   Each student is treated as an individual and his/her needs and requirements are catered for.   As far as possible, the timetable is structured for the subject options of each student.

Highclare Sixth Form maintains small tutoring groups giving each student the maximum amount of individual attention which, when combined with private ICT suites, study rooms and their own personal tutors, allows students to manage both their time and work effectively.

Excellent transport links mean that the School is just 15 minutes from the heart of Birmingham city centre and 10 minutes from Sutton Coldfield by train. Secure on-site parking is also available for students travelling in from further afield.

All students are encouraged to participate in wider local community projects and can allocate up to 2 hours of weekly study time to this, gaining not just academic experience but life experience too.

Scholarships are available for entry into the 6th form at Highclare School.  The Sixth Form Scholarship Examination takes place in January, for entry to the school in September the same year. Some Bursary awards are also given.

There are a wide range of traditional A and AS level subjects available.  It may also be advisable to consider the ‘Extended Project Qualification’ (EPQ) alongside A Level choices.

Pupils will be asked to choose four subjects (three in certain circumstances).

The Sixth Form has its own suite of rooms, including a Sixth Form study centre, a common room and specialist Vocational Study rooms.  The Sixth Form is small, informal and friendly and provides a pleasant atmosphere in which the students may develop and mature as they study for future goals.  Students are encouraged to participate in Sport, ICT, Music and Drama.  Those students whose timetable allows may also choose to participate in a community service placement.  This provides valuable experience for the student and local organisations benefit from the enthusiasm and dedication of the students.

At Highclare, the Sixth Form students enjoy good relationships with highly experienced, caring staff who are always available and willing to help and encourage them to achieve their full potential.

We hope that every learner is an empowered learner and every day at school is an enriching experience. Our relationship with students is aimed at being supportive, caring and inspiring, and all staff work towards making the journey to academic excellence an enjoyable one.